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Income for Life

Our goal with an Income for Life plan is to help our clients manage their assets to last throughout retirement. Eldercare Financial creates a roadmap for your retirement.

This road map is designed in partnership with you using a 4-step process:


1.  Clearly define and understand your planning needs and goals.


2.  Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all sources of income, expenses, cash

flow, taxes, current asset allocation, economic variables and health/longevity risks.

3.  Analysis of the facts and creation of a written, comprehensive plan in a language

that you can understand.

4.  Implementation of plan: Unlike many plans that are only on paper and out of date

three months later, our Income for Life plans live and breathe - and are made available online 24/7. The impact of the market fluctuations, inflation and healthcare costs on your portfolio can be seen immediately. Upon implementation of the plan, we carefully monitor it to ensure it meets expectations - and communicate the results on a regular basis through periodic reviews and quarterly performance reports.


An Income for Life plan is designed to help you achieve your retirement goals and objectives and gives you peace of mind.

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